U.S. Choice of Rib Eye*

big, bold beef flavor in every bite

Steak Temperature Preference (Select 1):Rare Medium Rare Medium Medium Well Well
Entrée Side Options (Select 1):Soup Salad Coleslaw
Potato Options (Select 1):French Fries Baked Potato Onion Rings
Steak - Add Ons (Optional):Add a Side of Shrimp +$5Add a handful of Onion Rings +$1Add Sautéed Onions +$0.50Add Sautéed Mushrooms +$1
Salad Dressing Options:Ranch Bleu Cheese Honey Mustard Jamaican dressing French Raspberry Vinaigrette Thousand Island Italian
Extra Salad Dressing Options:Ranch +$0.35Bleu Cheese +$0.35Honey Mustard +$0.35Jamaican dressing +$0.35French Raspberry Vinaigrette +$0.35Thousand Island +$0.35Italian +$0.35
Add Cheese and Bacon Bits:Add Cheese to Baked Potato +$0.35Add Bacon Bits to Baked Potato +$0.50Add Cheese to Salad +$0.35Add Bacon Bits to Salad +$0.50