Jamaican Jerk Chicken Salad


a house specialty-marinated chicken breast, grilled to perfection and served over hand-cut salad greens with tomatoes & other assorted toppings. Served with our own Jerk Dressing. Absolutely wonderful!

Salad Dressing Options (Select 2):Ranch Bleu Cheese Honey Mustard Jamaican Dressing French Raspberry Vinaigrette Thousand Island Italian No Dressing
Extra Salad Dressing Options:Ranch +$0.35Bleu Cheese +$0.35Honey Mustard +$0.35Jamaican dressing +$0.35French Raspberry Vinaigrette +$0.35Thousand Island +$0.35Italian +$0.35
Add Cheese and Bacon Bits to Salad:Add Cheese to Salad +$0.35Add Bacon Bits to Salad +$0.50