Grilled Chicken Strips


choice of two sides

Side Options (Select 2):Green Beans Fried Okra Sweet Potatoes Real Mashed Potatoes Onion Rings Cucumber Salad Cole Slaw Cup of Soup Rutabagas Navy Beans Turnip Greens Baked Potato +$1
Add a House Salad:Add a House Salad +$2.49
Salad Dressing Options:Ranch Bleu Cheese Honey Mustard Jamaican dressing French Raspberry Vinaigrette Thousand Island Italian
Extra Salad Dressing Options:Ranch +$0.35Bleu Cheese +$0.35Honey Mustard +$0.35Jamaican dressing +$0.35French Raspberry Vinaigrette +$0.35Thousand Island +$0.35Italian +$0.35