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Fried or Grilled Chicken Salad


melt in your mouth tenders, served over fresh salad greens, with tomatoes, other assorted toppings and your choice of homemade dressings

Fried or Grilled (Select 1):Fried Grilled
Salad Dressing Options (Select 2):Ranch Bleu Cheese Honey Mustard Jamaican Dressing French Raspberry Vinaigrette Thousand Island Italian No Dressing
Extra Salad Dressing Options:Ranch +$0.35Bleu Cheese +$0.35Honey Mustard +$0.35Jamaican dressing +$0.35French Raspberry Vinaigrette +$0.35Thousand Island +$0.35Italian +$0.35
Add Cheese and Bacon Bits to Salad:Add Cheese to Salad +$0.35Add Bacon Bits to Salad +$0.50

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